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agua de beber, camara

802180.jpgWhen I was in the Israeli Army (!) for a week as a teenage tourist in Israel, they told us to drink water for everything: headache, cuts, fatigue, bad dreams… drink water!

Drinking water is so important, but what are we supposed to do now that we know bottled water is bad for the environment and ultimately bad for all of us? Additionally, plastic bottles – disposable & not – are a bit suspect in my opinion, especially when they warm up (plastic tasting water, anyone?).

For awhile I was carrying around a glass bottle from GT’s Kombucha for my water, but it was too heavy (not to mention breakable). I was keeping my eye out for a light-weight, non-toxic water bottle and I finally found the perfect one through Carbon Conscious Consumer, a website where you can join challenges to reduce your carbon footprint.

I’m not super impressed with their website design, but my SIGG water bottle is great. I got the one pictured here. It’s the perfect size, so light weight, and includes a screw-off top for gulping and a secure spout that’s great for on the run or running at the gym. It’s made of aluminum.  Water tastes like water in here.

The one thing I don’t love about it is I had to order it on the internet, which means shipping and not supporting local businesses (though I’m not sure there are water bottle manufacturers in Brooklyn). However, if you sign up for the no-more-bottled-water challenge at Carbon Conscious Consumer, you get a discount (normally cost around 20 bucks). Happy drinkin’!