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dried up & scarred

I’m about to delve into finals period for my MFA, so likely might be a little sporadic until after the holidays, but I’ll be back full on in the new year (with the report on the full month of chlorophyll experiment, so far so good).

Heading into winter, I did want to mention a product I discovered last year, which was recommended to my mom for a scar by a natural skin care specialist. It’s rose hip oil. My mom used it on a scar from surgery, which all but disappeared, and I used it for the awful skin dryness that comes with winter, especially at the corners of your mouth.

rosa-mosqueta-rose-hip-seed_66c47cd6.jpgRose hip oil smells lovely & is pretty cheap. I bought an Aubrey version for about twelve bucks, used it all last winter, and just handed off more than half a bottle to my brother that was left over. There’s a ton of brands available, and as long as there’s nothing extra in it, they all should do the job.

Happy trots in the blustery wind!