a side of metal with that?

logo_lodge.gifHappy New Year! I wish everyone a healthy ’08.

I was contemplating what sorts of health things I want to blog about this year. I plan to continue with tips about how to reduce consumption of toxins. My tips come from a variety of sources: friends, professionals, my own research and hopefully some new tips from the natural cooking classes I got for Christmas!

Last night as I was washing our almost new frying pan, I noticed a bit of ugly chipping — i didn’t think they were Teflon, but it appears they are, and are already getting scratched. I’m really looking forward to bits of Teflon in my scrambled eggs. We’ve all heard how healthful that is!

Actually, what I’m really looking forward to is the day I purchase a set of Lodge pots and pans. Lodge makes cookware out of cast iron, completely Teflon free. This company has been around forever, and individual pots and pans are really reasonable (about twenty bucks for a large frying pan). I think they may even be sold at target, among other places.

* This tip came from Ode Magazine, which ran an article a year ago about the dangers of Teflon and suggested Lodge as an alternative.


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