gimme green

I first tried drinking liquid chlorophyll after discussing natural deodorants with another natural products fiend.  She told me, in fact, she didn’t use deodorant at all because she didn’t need it; she didn’t smell bad (and she really didn’t).  I asked how that could be and she told me for a long time she drank liquid chlorophyll (which among other things acts as an internal deodorant) and now just eats a healthy diet rich in leafy greens and presto! No BO.

What I didn’t realize is that liquid chlorophyll is a super concentrated dose of green goodness, including calcium and iron (which is why it is often recommended for women to replenish from menstruation).  It is also good for digestions and detoxifying your liver (and word on the street is it can improve the odor of your genitals).

Chlorophyll is available at health food and vitamin stores (it’s actually a whole food, not a supplement).  You can dilute it with juice or water, but I actually find the taste just fine (though kind of like nothing else).

People on various blogs and alternative health sites seem to see chlorophyll as a health miracle.  I’m going to try drinking it for a full month, and report back on my findings (and we’ll see about the no deodorant…).


4 responses to “gimme green

  1. Recently, I heard about a product called Body Mint and was told that if you take it, it eliminates all less than pleasant body odors–bad breath, body odor, etc. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounded interesting. Supposedly all natural.

  2. I feel like chlorophyll would make your breath gross – not so?

  3. Guerrilla Health

    actually, it’s the opposite — it can be used as mouthwash! That’s because one of its properties is that it kills bad bacteria and feeds good bacteria, which is why it is prescribed to people with smelly bowls.

  4. Yes, I actually took the Body Mint supplement for awhile. I don’t know if it’s still around because it was marketed in a really weird way “Paris Hilton uses it!” – but all it was was chlorophyll in capsule form, I think with mint as well. I took it, didn’t notice a huge difference myself, but I’m willing to bet liquid chlorophyll is stronger.

    More importantly, how does it taste? I imagine something like wheatgrass.

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