no impact man impacts me

noimpact.pngI want to give a shout-out to a blog I’ve been reading: No Impact Man. It’s actually a year-long, well-funded project where a writer, his wife and two-year-old daughter live for a full year in the middle of Manhattan without making any environmental impact what-so-ever. No subway even. No appliances. No packaging AT ALL.

While obvious there are issues to be worked out with how the rest of us could live more like this, I find it really inspiring. Both my roommate and I drastically reduced our use of plastic bags (so much so that we’re out when we want them!).

What I like about his point of view is that he points out the many health benefits (both physical and emotional) that his family has experienced from the project. Here’s a post on that topic and also a link to my favorite post (on how he entertains his daughter without TV).

My one complaint is that I wish he would be more explicit about how much time and money his activities cost. I have no doubt they are saving tons of cash, but it’s unclear to me what changes I would have the time to spend to complete them (i.e. doing all laundry in the sink, baking bread, etc.). Either way, the health benefits are clear and inspirational.


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