compose yourself with bach

rescue_remedy.jpgBelieve it or not, school starts on Tuesday for me (year two of my MFA).  I love fall (what?  summer’s over???) because everyone suddenly gets filled with The Desire To Do, complimented by the crisp weather.  I used to have a lot of anxiety about going back to school as an undergrad, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been seized in that physical way that is oh-so-paralyzing.  Still, so many of us have anxiety about various areas of our lives and I wanted to post on a natural alternative for those who don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route.

I found the best relief for anxiety to be Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  It’s a natural formula made from the extracts of flowers, and has been around since the 1930’s.  I’ve found it to be readily available in most health stores and even my local drugstore carries it.  It’s non-addictive and, as the website says, safe for everyone including plants (that’s good because my cactus is stressed out).

Rescue Remedy is available as a liquid that you squirt under your tongue and it calms you.  Sound magical?  I can only say it worked for me.  I used to use it at the airport before they banned liquids, because I would get highly anxious about getting to the gate on time (Thanks, Dad).  I also used it successfully before a job interview (it didn’t make me too relaxed to perform well) and for general ‘I’m-freaking-out-here’ anxiety.  My mom found it helpful for stress when going to the doctor.

I know several other folks who have tried and liked Rescue Remedy, but I don’t know much about the other Bach formulations.  They do have several, including one for panic attacks and another for insomnia.  I would be very interested to hear if anyone has tried the one that’s supposed to stop you from “interfering with other people,” which includes Beech extract to help you “be less critical towards  other people and accept them as they are.”  Who wouldn’t benefit from that?


One response to “compose yourself with bach

  1. Its good to hear it work for you. I’m about to try the new night remedy. I hope it helps a bit.

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