delicious accident

Sometimes lack of sleep results in brilliant accidental discoveries. After a night of not enough sleep, I was groggily exercising my morning routine, trying to get out the door and be on time to my summer job. I put some granola in a bowl and took out a cup for some ice tea (I’ve been making jasmine green ice tea, yum!). BAM! I poured the ice tea in the granola.

I was about to pour it out and start again when I thought, what the heck? I don’t have time, I don’t like to waste things, I’m just going to try it. And… DELICIOUS. This is a great alternative for no cow milk/no soy milk folks like myself (I usually use rice milk). I’m not sure it would work with cereals that are not as hearty as granola, but the possibilities for experimentation are endless. I’d love to hear your granola/ice tea combos. Did I loose my credibility with this post?


One response to “delicious accident

  1. I love eating Granola or even pure oat flakes with apple juice or orange juice. That’s quite similar, don’t you think? Enjoy your new breakfast …

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