we should talk about these things.

244904386_df9c94a424.jpgOne of my profs at school said this after realizing that everyone but one person in our intro class in a digital media degree had no idea that writing your email address in a website causes you to get spam. (Write it like this instead “name [ATT] gmail {dot} com” or just make it a link. Who knew?) We should talk about these things.

I feel the same way when I go to the Mac store and the tech guy says, “Well, if you keep your ipod headphones unplugged when you are not listening, there’s less of a chance of your ipod breaking.” Thanks. Why doesn’t anyone tell us these things?

So I want to make a rather obvious post. This ones is for ladies only (or guys, like Ben Kweller above, who use tampons to stop nosebleeds… or for some other purpose I’m not ready to imagine.) If you’re going to do one nice, natural, thing for your bod, change to organic cotton tampons. Regular tampons have all kinds of shit in them, not to mention the cotton could be sprayed with pesticides. I don’t need any studies or experts to tell me I’d rather be safe then sorry when it comes to down there.

Too expensive? Great news. Natural tampons can be rather overpriced, but Trader Joe’s sells ’em for equal to or less than the regular kind. Thanks for thinking of the ladies, TJ.

I also want to provide this link to Many Moons, a site that has natural menstkeeper-300dpi.jpgruation products, including The Keeper. I’m always keeping my eye out for things that might be more environmentally friendly while still allowing women to lead our crazy modern lives. I have not tried these things yet, but I’d love to hear from people who have (anonymously if you like).


4 responses to “we should talk about these things.

  1. So, I really do like the idea of all these natural alternatives – i.e. cloth pads and the keeper (even though it looks like something Roto Rooter would use to unclog a pipe) – but the practical side of me wonders, what would you do in the event that you are travelling? Or for that matter, just out and about? I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I do know that the last thing I’d want to do would be to carry around bloody cloth pads in my purse for hours on end.

    The biodegradable yet disposable alternative you describe seems far superior here; obviously, normal pads/tampons contain plastic and it has always seemed odd to me that a natural body function necessitates that much waste.

  2. Guerrilla Health

    I’m totally with you there, Rachel, which is why I am guilty of not yet trying some of these alternatives. The Keeper appeals because you can leave it in all day, and then deal with it when you’re ready, but I’m still looking into the idea of keeping something rubber up there (though it is natural rubber according to the site).

    On the cloth pads thing, it sounds difficult in today’s world… however, many people use cloth diapers to save the environment, so it would be good to figure out how they deal. My impression is most people use a service that comes and takes the dirty diapers, washes and sterilizes them, and then delivers them back. It may be that as the environment become a more and more pressing issue, some sort of business opens up where you can deposit you soiled cloth have it cleaned and sterilized and delivered back to you… hmmmm.

  3. I just got a Keeper yesterday and got to try it out today (what a stroke of fortune!). I was really worried that it would leak or be messy or something but it’s effective and easy. It takes a few minutes of playing with it to get comfortable putting it in and taking it out easily (I messed around with it for like five minutes and had no more trouble after that). But it’s not some freaky scary thing.

  4. The keeper works awesome! I recommend them for all. No chemicals or worry of toxic shock syndrome just boil to clean it and use hot water. you can wear it up to 12 hours and they dont fill up. cuts down on cramps because it doesnt go very far in. go buy one now!!

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