allergeez part II

Andrea asked such a good question it’s become a whole post. She asked how many sessions of acupuncture I would guess it would take to cure allergies. I am not really qualified to answer it, only to tell my own thoughts and experience.

I think it is an important question because a lot of people are deterred by the cost of acupuncture. For me, it was well worth it, and I will willing to cut back other areas to do it. There are free clinics and low cost days at many places, but from what I’ve heard from other people who have had success with acupuncture, the practitioner is the most important thing. There are bad acupuncturists just like there are bad doctors.

I started (I think?) in March 2005 and did not have allergies that spring. I went once a week, every week. Most of my other symptoms did not clear up quite that fast.

However, I don’t want to sound like acupuncture is magic, though I think that it requires more than memorizing points and meridians to be a good acupuncturist. Acupuncture is one tool (which was essential for me) in a large toolkit. My understanding is that many factors contribute to the imbalances that cause symptoms like allergies and, in my experience, it took many solutions.

The important thing for me was to realize that just because I always had allergies didn’t mean I had to have them forever. And also to realize that reaching for a pharma solution as a first resort sometimes aggravates the symptoms you want to relieve.

I want to advocate educating yourself and including your relationship to health in your process of healing. Seeking health when you haven’t had it is a radical act. Going to war with my symptoms by did not work for me. Finding the right tools for me changed my entire relationship to my body and to health as I had previously thought of it.

These issues remain complicated for me. Though I had many persistent and uncomfortable symptoms, I never had anything terminal or immediately life threatening. As I have watched my mother bravely battle cancer (there’s those war metaphors), I am still figuring out my understanding of healing and how we can live and thrive in a toxic world. So far, I am only sure that we can.

Thanks to Andrea (and Rand with the IM debate!) for inspiring this post.


2 responses to “allergeez part II

  1. One of the challenges of having a compromised immune system is that I get certain allergic reactions. Mine are often around skin allergies–rashes, terrible poison oak, extreme reactions to bug bites. This spring, I got a horrible case of hives (still not sure if it was a medication reaction or bug bites that set it off). But usually any reaction like that takes me six weeks to recover from. This time I went to my acupuncturist and within a week it was receding (I saw him 2 x a week for this) I was amazed. He was very clear that if it were an allergy, he could help. I have had some very good success with acupuncture for some things, but this was like a miracle to me.

  2. I have a compromised immune system from Hashimoto’s Hypothryroidism. I also have allergies mostly in the fall. September and October are THE worst. I have found some things that have eased them like a product called, Cell Food. I’m planning to try a type of accupressure system which also uses special phrases that you tell yourself while you are tapping on accupressure points. It’s like accupressure, but you are also making statements about the situation. It’s called: EFT…”Emotional Freedom Training”. It has helped some emotional situations and helped my cravings for sweets/chocolate candies of various sorts. I haven’t tried it on my allergies. I’ll let you know if it helps. If you go to, you can upload the free version. I have gone ahead and purchased their basic set of DVD’s for basic training …just training myself. I need to see it being done. Just having those little diagrams isn’t enough. If you purchase their basic set of DVD’s like myself, the give you permission to burn …I think it’s 99 or 100 copies and give to your friends. I hope this helps others.

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