Spearmint TeaWomen with excess body hair are often advised to take birth control and/or a variety of other prescriptions and/or undergo painful hair removal processes.  However, a new study from Turkey suggests that simply drinking two cups of spearmint tea a day may significantly reduce mild hirsutism.  Delicious!  I would say you absolutely cannot loose, but men should be wary — the same study found that drinking a lot of spearmint tea lowered men’s sex drives.

You should be able to get spearmint tea in most health stores.  I had some trouble tracking it down but eventually found it at The Garden in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  It’s not the cheapest tea ever, but it’s not outrageous and it’s certainly less than any prescription or hair removal process and way more yummy!  Spearmint tea is similar to mint tea, but naturally sweeter.  I like it plain, but I bet it would be good with honey too (if the honey bee shortage resolves!).


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  1. Spearmint is so easy to grow yourself! It’s so easy that it’s even considered invasive!

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