green your sex life

kama.pngGoogle “natural birth control” and you will come up with a bunch of pages including information about The Withdrawal Method. Really. ‘The natural way to get pregnant,’ as one of my colleagues astutely put it. [By the way, this image is from the Chocolate Kama Sutra.]

There certainly are a host of natural ways to control birth (including taking your temperature, using fertility beads to track your cycle, etc.), that would make sense for monogamous hetero couples who choose to educate themselves on and commit to natural methods (and I wonder if the woman has to have regular periods?).

But what about everyone else? We all have to decide for ourselves what is best for our own mental and physical health in any given sexual encounter. Do the benefits of using only natural birth control outweigh the benefits of using a condom to prevent STDs? What will be more damaging to my mental and physical health: exposure to an unnatural birth control method or unwanted pregnancy/abortion?

The key is informed choice, in my opinion. Educate yourself and commit to your methods, and know the risks, BOTH the risks: for pregnancy and STDs and for exposing yourself to the hormones or chemicals involved in unnatural birth control methods.

According to the folks at Tree Hugger, latex condoms are where its at as far as pregnancy and STD prevention, and they provided this great article:
how to gr
Shamrock Condom Lollieseen your sex life, which has great info on how to take care of the environment in bed.

By the way, googling “green condoms” turned up this lovely item: Shamrock Condom LOLLIES. Happy belated St. Patty’s Day!


3 responses to “green your sex life

  1. I heard that there’s a chemical in condoms that can cause colon cancer in gay men. Is this an urban legend?

  2. “the natural way to get pregnant” — amen.

    this is such a good topic — it’s certainly a tricky area to navigate personal health and environmental responsibility when sexual freedom is involved. I think the ability for a woman to control her fertility is essential to her empowerment and independence, but it’s such a shame that so many women I know have had semi-traumatic experiences with birth control (myself included). I tend to view bc as a necessary evil… perhaps it’s shortsighted to accept chemical regulation of my body and to use condoms with who-knows-what in the lubrication (plus the sheer amount of waste with wrappers etc.!), but I simply don’t trust the (non)options that are more natural. we need a better way!

  3. Guerrilla Health

    Josue, this seems to be an urband legend and clearly a very nasty one. I couldn’t find anything about latex or lube causing colon cancer. The holistic view of cancer is very complicated and I’m not really qualified to explain it, but I do know that most holistic practitioners think cancer is most likely to occur in site of trauma, which could include sites that have been exposed to toxins. However, in the holistic view, there is never one singular cause of cancer, but a number of factors that cause the mind/body (as one) to govern the cells, which all of of us have to a small degree, but when it gets out of control, cancer develops.

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