sabra??? no! sabra? yes, it’s true.

SabraWe all know Sabra Hummus is more addictive than crack. Once you start that stuff, you will not be stopping. Hummus is truly one of the wonderous pleasures of gustatory experience.

Can you even believe Sabra Hummus contains sodium benzoate? WTF! Maybe that’s the “closely guarded secret Mediteranean” ingredient that makes it “richer, smoother and tastier.” Please visit, print some ‘sodium benzoate is krap’ labels and inform your fellow citizens pronto.

The good news is that there are PLENTY of alternatives and not only are they SB-free, they are usually cheaper and lower in bad fats. Once I switched to a natural brand (available anywhere, even chain groceries), when I tried Sabra again it tasted funny. Locally, I’ve found Wakim’s to be de-lish.

For the cooks out there, I’m offering this simple recipe for delicious, SB-free homemade “slightly garlicky, blissfully satisfying” hummus from Savvy Vegetarian. Let us know if you try it!


5 responses to “sabra??? no! sabra? yes, it’s true.

  1. Ick! I never noticed this before! I watch what I eat pretty carefully and generally know what foods are usually vegetarian, chemical-free, etc. When Mediterranean foods started becoming popular a few years ago, they were pretty much only made by all-natural, trustworthy companies that wouldn’t poison us with anything. I put foods like hummus, tabbouleh, and baba ghanoush on my list of products that I didn’t have to check before I bought them – I just assumed they’d be safe and chemical free. I guess the popularity of these foods has led cheap-o companies like Sabra to decide that adding carcinogenic poison is the only way to profitably sell the epicurean delights of the Mediterranean. Sad!

  2. Hi Sarah–just stopping by to say hello. I’ve been living on Sabra pine nut hummus the past week or so :(. I’ll definitely give Wakim’s a try. Thanks and all the best for your show tonight!!! Mary W.

  3. lol that’s a bit obsessive..sodium benzoate is actually not unhealthy like people make it out to be. And besides, I’d rather have my hummus stay fresh for days than have it be gross and mouldy in a second.

  4. Guerrilla Health

    Well, that’s sort of the marketing line for chemicals like this. However, I buy hummus without and have never had it get moldy, and I often keep it for two weeks. The other problem with these chemicals is that while our bodies can deal with flushing a small amount in food, the effects for people who process and extract them can be much more harmful, and they go in the waste stream and interact with other chemicals. I haven’t checked sabra recently, but I would bet there’s a good chance they are moving away from it — in my opinion it just isn’t necessary.

  5. I find that there are some very good hummus without sodium benzoate in most health food stores and some mediterreanean deli stores.

    My understanding is that sodium benzoate should be avoided, due to its tendency to harm mitochonria in your cells, which are the organelles that allow your cells to produce energy efficiently.

    Supposedly, sodium benzoate damages the mitochonria RNA, so that they do not work efficiently.

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