don’t kiss MY face

kiss my face lotionAfter reading a charming article about “Kiss My Face: obsessively natural,” I started buying their lotions and liquid hand soaps. The company was started by two vegetarians and continues to operate out on a farm in upstate NY and maintain the feel of a small company, despite distributing all over the world.

Kiss My Face is totally cruelty free. It includes many natural ingredients. And it does not use any “unnecessary” chemicals.

My ‘olive and aloe lotion’ includes Sodium Benzoate and my friend’s ‘honey and calendula lotion’ contains several parabens. On their website, Kiss My Face addresses their use of DEA and Sodium Laurel Sulfate in other products (here), but doesn’t bring up any other processed chemicals they use or what using them means to calling a product natural (obsessively natural, in fact).

Both parabens and Sodium Benzoate have been the subjects of controversial studies that link them to various health problems. To read and decide for yourself, wikipedia has some decent info on parabens and sodium benzoate.

To me the point is not whether these products have been proven to definitively cause certain problems. It is too difficult today to parse out what is real science and what is corporate or other interest in product studies. My take is that we do not need to use products that have any potentially disruptive chemicals at all and by using alternatives, we can reduce the amount of waste and potential toxins in our bodies and our world.

There are plenty of ways to make lotions and soaps without these chemical ingredients. In the future, I will be posting some products I’ve found and recipes for those who are into the DIY thing. For those of us who don’t like to or don’t have time to make their own products, I would love more suggestions for affordable products that are, I guess, beyond “obsessively natural.”


3 responses to “don’t kiss MY face

  1. oh boo. so much for the “healing, nourishing and softening properties” of the contents of my favorite moisture soaps.

  2. Actually – Kiss My Face is currently taking its new slogan, “Obsessively Natural” to heart a bit more lately. When I went to purchase the Peaches and creme lotion I noticed a new line of copy, “paraben free.” Which is pretty cool – I don’t know about the sodium benzoate. Unfortunately, by taking out the parabens, they also took out the delicious smell I love so much and the texture. This new lotion smells more like moldy peaches. Ah well. They suck.

  3. I also have a strange feeling Kiss My Face may be doing some soul searching. They took down all the ingredients on their website and replaced with “coming soon.” Maybe they are making changes, we should watch, thanks, Rach! On the other hand, maybe they just don’t want folks to know… Also, Breen, we should check the ingredients on the soap… it may not be as full of krap as the lotion. The only thing I’m wondering about is glycerin, which I need to find out more about.

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