chemicals: what is natural anyway?

Water is a chemical substance. So is salt and sugar. It’s a confusing world for a person trying to reduce their ‘chemical’ intake. (And a bland and dry one.)

Before offering any posts about products that do and do not expose people to harmful chemicals, I want to recognize that things are complicated. Some chemicals that are harmful occur in nature (cyanide, anyone?). The best thing to do is always to research. But who has time for research?

The purpose of this blog is to provide some useful information for people who want to reduce the amount of harmful and unneccessary chemicals in their bodies and environments. It is also to provide a forum for commentary by folks other than myself who have information and links to share.

Chemicals are confusing. Some synthetic chemicals can save your life in an emergency. But do you need them everyday? In your food? In your cosmetics and household products?

Truly, it’s up to you. I decided I don’t. It’s still a constant search for what I can afford, what I can find and what works. I welcome any and all suggestions and lifestyles.

I ask your patience if I slip and say ‘chemicals’ instead of ‘harmful chemicals.’ DON’T STOP DRINKING WATER. Maybe we should just say crap, or krap, as I like to call it.Krap


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